Shaker Peripherals from VST

By joe.

Vibration & Shock Technologies specializes in the design and manufacture of custom head expanders, cubes and other shaker peripherals for all vibration and high g shock test applications.  

The example below is a 24" magnesium head...

For Sale: 2,200lb Capacity Pneumatic Shock Machine

By joe.

Vibration & Shock Technologies is selling a 2,500lb capacity pneumatic shock machine for below original contract price.

Machine was originally built for an international customer where the funding fell out from underneath the project.


Vibration Research - ObserVR1000 - New Data Acquisition

By steve.

Vibration Research would like to introduce...

The ObserVR1000

Obser Vr1000

Vibration Research’s fully autonomous ObserVR1000 data collection and analyzer is specially designed and
engineered to provide superior value, including reliable performance, accurate...

Coming Soon: New Data Acquisition from Vibration Research

By joe.

Vr Logo Hires 

We've been working with Vibration Research to help develop the application list for the new data acquisition hardware VR is working to release early this spring.  

Specs we know so far:

  • 16 channel capability (100,000 Hz sample rate per...