Fatigue Damage Spectrum - VR & Ford Motor Case Study

By joe
Vr Fds
  • Vibration Research has been providing Ford Motor Company with vibration testing equipment, thought leadership and best practices for almost 13 years. It was natural that Ford turned to us in 2013 when it experienced a part failure in its testing lab and needed to confidently ensure the same situation wouldn’t happen in the real world. 
  • Lab technicians at a Ford Motor Company testing facility were facing a serious dilemma they couldn’t seem to solve. A fuel-rail on their 5.0L and 6.2L BOSS engines experienced several lab testing failures on the dynamometer that had never been observed in the field.
  • Ford was concerned about repeated lab failures even though the product seemingly operated problem-free in the field. The company’s technicians knew this was a puzzle that needed to be solved.
  • Ford Motor Company contacted Vibration Research Corporation to see what resources and/or advice was available to help tackle their tough challenge.

Ford Case Study Screen Shot For more info on Vibration Research's Fatigue Damage Spectrum and the full case study.

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