For Sale: 2,200lb Capacity Pneumatic Shock Machine

By joe

Vibration & Shock Technologies is selling a 2,500lb capacity pneumatic shock machine for below original contract price.

Machine was originally built for an international customer where the funding fell out from underneath the project.

Brand new, previous customer acceptance tested, ready to crate and deliver.  

The head expander in the options has been manufactured and included with the system. 

- Table Size: 40 in x 40 in
- Payload Capacity: 2,200 lbs
- Pneumatic Operation
- Air Amplifier to increase ?V
- Desktop PC, monitor and software to run the machine
- ?V = 400 ips (no load) ?V = 260 ips (2200 lb load) t = 3 ms min, 30 ms max
1.2 1 VST Model ST DAS4U USB, Four Channel Digital Shock Tool
Pulse Instrumentation System to run on Windows XPO© OS:
• DAS4U 4 Channel Signal Conditioning Box
• QTY 1; Accelerometer with 10 feet of cable
• Cables and Manuals
• Installation of hardware and software in PC supplied with machine
• Shock Tool Software to provide analysis capability
• Automation Software

2.2 1 Saw Tooth programmer with lead mold and oven $4500.00
2.3 1 Head Expander 60" x 60" Aluminum` $24000.00
3 1 Packaging and Rigging at VST facility $4700.00
Warranty; 1 year

Original Contract Price: $275,000 USD - Willing to accept offers and negotiate.

Please Contact Us or Darryl @ Vibration & Shock Technologies for more information or discuss pricing.