Vibration Research - ObserVR1000 - New Data Acquisition

By steve

Vibration Research would like to introduce...

The ObserVR1000

Obser Vr1000

Vibration Research’s fully autonomous ObserVR1000 data collection and analyzer is specially designed and
engineered to provide superior value, including reliable performance, accurate testing, and user-friendly features. 

User Friendly

The ObserVR1000 does not require special boards, PC drivers, or even a PC. Ready to get started? Simply connect a smartphone,laptop, or PC and set up the ObserVR1000. Once set up, data can be collected with a simple press of the record button.

Available Inputs:
• 4 or 16 channels
• 2 encoder/tachometer channels
• Microphone - record verbal annotations with your data
• GPS - record all location data automatically during
signal recording

Obser Vr1000 Front PlateObser Vr1000 Back Plate

Other Features:
•16 channel capability (108,000 Hz sample rate per channel)
•Ethernet connection
•Built in wifi
•2 tachometer channels
•Optional GPS
•1 output channel
•Tablet base user interface
•Waveform editor
•TEDS compatible
•Battery Powered
•SD Card memory capability.

Download the full ObserVR1000 Brochure here.

The ObserVR1000 is slated for late summer release but we are doing demos on the software and hardware currently and would appreciate the opportunity to show you this powerful, new capability.

Contact Us or Vibration Research if you'd like to set up a demo or would like more information.