VR & Smithson @ NTS Rockford Open House October 2nd

By joe.

Please join Vibration Research & Smithson & Associates at the NTS Rockford Open House on October 2nd.  

"I Collected Vibration Data...Now What?"
Presented by John Van Baren, President & CEO of VR
Helping the Engineer decide how...

Steve Smithson & Vibration Research Speaking @ ASTR

By joe.

Steve will be speaking at the IEEE-ASTR workshop:

The workshop runs September 10-12 and Steve will be speaking on the 11th at 3pm. 

Fatigue Damage Spectrum for RS Machine Applications:

Overcoming decades of shortcomings, applying a Fatigue...

Vibration Research - Fatigue Damage Spectrum

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Measure your products fatigue and calculate its lifespan. For years people have used methods to calculate the lifespan of a product based on the material s/n curve. With FDS, rain flow analysis techniques from your product are applied to the...

Vibration Research Version 11

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Vibration Research just launched Version 11 its vibration controller software.  The new version is compatible with both VR9500 and VR8500 models.  It features web & tablet control, 128 input channels, and much more.  Read all...