Smithson & Associates represent world-leading firms in vibration and shock technologies -- test, data acquisition, and analysis systems. 


ETS Solutions

ETS was founded over 20 years ago as strictly a shaker service company, stepping up where other manufacturers fell short on service and support. Just over 12 years ago, they began manufacturing their own line of shakers, fixing the recurring issues they repaired on other manufacturer shakers.  ETS Solutions' shakers are designed with reliability and their long service heritage in mind.  

Vibrations Research

The industry leader in shaker controls.  Designs and produces Windows-based controls for electrodynamic and servohydraulic vibration systems. Vibration Research Corporation (VRC) software includes sine, sine sweep, random, classical shock, shock response spectrum (SRS), sine on random, random on random, field data replication from recorded data, patented Kurtosion™ control and their latest, the Fatigue Damage Spectrum.

Vibration Shock Technologies

Our newest Principal, Vibration and Shock Technologies, offering vertical and horizontal pneumatic shock machines, free-fall shock machines  centrifuges, incline impact (conbur) machines, package drop testers (to 1000 lbs), rotary package vibration testers (to 8,000 lbs), Vertical, eliptical and vertical-horizontal mechanical vibration testers for reliability and fatigue testing. Control and data acquisition instrumentation, software and support. Shaker peripherals (head expanders (guided, load supported), slip plates, combo-bases and fixtures. VST is owned and operated by former production and engineering officers of M/Rad.

Emerson Apparatus

Since 1908, Emerson Apparatus has been a leading manufacturer of Compression Testers, Crush Testers, Sample Cutters, Test Fixtures, Speed Dryers and other Laboratory Testing Equipment for industrial applications.

Emerson manufactures, designs, and engineers their testing equipment and software to applicable ASTM, TAPPI and other specified standards at their integrated facilities in Gorham, Maine. Because they manufacture and support all of their equipment, they are readily able to adapt and customize orders to the specific needs of their customers.

TestSmart Chambers

TestSmart Incorporated is a combined environment test equipment sales and lab committed to customer satisfaction. We achieve this through constant communication, friendly, timely,and reliable service, competitive pricing, and good professional practice by a staff with many years of experience in the testing field. We are all committed to quality at TestSmart, using this document as our guide, which is used as a general basis for the TestSmart quality system.

Tidal Engineering

Tidal Engineering designs and builds award-winning environmental test chamber control and data acquisition hardware and software. We provide application support to OEMs and end-users involved in environmental testing, lab management and data acquisition. Tidal's products and services are widely used in such industries as defense, homeland security, semiconductors, aerospace, automotive, medical and pharmaceutical.

Instrumented Sensor Technologies

Environmental Data Recorders which are self-contained, programmable electronic acceleration sensor/recorders. DynaMax analysis software for time and frequency domains, SRS, and package drop emulation. Record peak shock, acceleration time histories, strain, pressure, temperature and humidity. Applications include: transportation monitoring, cargo shipping and handling, accident reconstruction, vehicle dynamics or characterizing actual environmental and end-use conditions.