ETS Solutions

ETS Solutions manufactures a wide range of vibration testing systems with output force from 440 lbf. to 156,000 lbf. Air Cooled to 15,400 lbf. All systems are designed to meet the requirements of endurance testing, a test environment typical in the automotive industry. All systems comply with international standards including MIL-STD, ASTM, IEC, ISO, BS, RTCA etc.

ETS was founded over 20 years ago as strictly a shaker service company, stepping up where other manufacturers fell short on service and support. Just over 12 years ago, they began manufacturing their own line of shakers, fixing the recurring issues they repaired on other manufacturer shakers.  ETS Solutions' shakers are designed with reliability and their long service heritage in mind.  

Available Products:

  • Best in Class Electrodynamic Shakers
  • Simultaneous 3-Axis System
  • High Velocity, Solid Armature Available (upto 140 gRMS)
  • Shakers from 440 lbf.- 156,000 lbf. (World's Largest) range
  • Replacement Amplifiers for any make/model

Best In Class Features

Shaker Service and Shaker Repair

Publications & Proof

8,800 lbf. Shaker, 48" slip table at full performance


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