TransVibe Test Solutions

Integrators of servohydraulic vibration test systems. Featuring major brand servo-hydraulics--tables, HPS, HSM and accessories. Single and multi-axis vibration to ISTA, ASTM and custom specs. Foundation, seismic mass, performance and application expertise. Unique high-flow and frequency and performance solutions for truck, air and parcel shipment. Featuring Vibration Research controls for high velocity performance for field data replication and KurtosionTM control.

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  • ISTA - 3A Performance to 200 lb. Payload
  • OTR: 0.53g RMS, 1.855 in. p-p
  • Delivery: .046 RMS, 2.312 in. p-p
  • 3 in. Stroke
  • Sine performance as shown to 600 lb. payload.
  • Max Payload to 800 lbs.

Featuring Team LCS-48-3A Standard LCS-48 Available – 2 in. stroke capacity to 800 lb.

Turn-key High Capacity Vertical Vibration Systems

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  • Table mounting surfaces: 36, 48, 60 and custom sizes.
  • All ISTA & ASTM Transport Specs
  • Field Data Replication and Kurtosis Control
  • Force Ratings to 50,000 lb.

Featuring Integrated Hydraulic Subsystems

  • 35 years of US manufacturing experience.
  • Complex multi-axis simulation systems.
  • Manufacturer of Tables, Actuators, Hydraulic Power Supplies, Hydraulic Service Manifold
  • Manufactured vibration and simulation tables for automotive, transport and earthquake

Bi-Axial Random Vibration

Unique Rotary Drive

  • Vertical-Truck
  • Horizontal-Rail
  • Combined Bi-Axial
  • 5x5 & 5x7 Table Sizes
  • Payload to 1000 pounds

Transvibe Equip 04Transvibe Graph 03

Transvibe Equip 03Transvibe Graph 04


Vibration Research Corporation
Innovators in Field Data Replication & Kurtosion™ control. 2-128 Channels, 26,000 lines, 24-bit A/D, Sine, Random, Shock, SRS, SoR and more.

Instrumented Sensor Technology
Ruggedized shock and vibration sensor/recorders. For transport and handling, end-use environments. Powerful DynaMax analysis software for time, history, PSD, SRS, Package Animator applications.

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