Vibration & Shock Technologies

Our newest Principal, Vibration and Shock Technologies, offering vertical and horizontal pneumatic shock machines, free-fall shock machines  centrifuges, incline impact (conbur) machines, package drop testers (to 1000 lbs), rotary package vibration testers (to 8,000 lbs), Vertical, eliptical and vertical-horizontal mechanical vibration testers for reliability and fatigue testing. Control and data acquisition instrumentation, software and support. Shaker peripherals (head expanders (guided, load supported), slip plates, combo-bases and fixtures. VST is owned and operated by former production and engineering officers of M/Rad.

Package Drop Tester Videos

Transportation Simulators


Custom Fixturing for Shock & Vibration applications. Including for use in environmental chambers and powered and monitored product.

Efficient WaterJet manufacturing.

Magnesium or Aluminium construction.

Full FEA & Modal capabilities.

3007Img 3451Head Expander Vibe Displacement Plot4

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