Vibration & Shock Technologies

H2 ArrowsBump Tester Machines

The VST Bump Tester has been designed to meet the requirements of BS 2011, IEC 68-2-27 IEC 60068-2 and IEC 68-2-29.

According to BS 2011, Part 2.1Eb: "The machine is intended to reproduce the effects of repetitive shocks likely to be experienced by components and equipment during transportation or when installed in various classes of vehicles."*

The alternative uses are in the support of manufactured products requiring the compression packing of various medias, IE: filters, fuses and other products requiring crystal alignment. (lower picture pictured right)

All machines are available in customized configurations depending on the customer's requirements.

Bump machines are available with a manual control for packing applications where a piston would have to be actuated before the machines interlock would enable operation. Hydraulic clamping can be provided to facilitate quick loading , unloading or fast axis change when used as a test platform.

2500lb Bump Machine

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