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H2 ArrowsPneumatic Shock Machines

The VST pneumatic shock machine is available in multiple configurations. These machines will produce a shock pulse in the vertical direction using compressed air to force the carriage to impact on the shock machine base. Elastomer pads are used between the carriage and the base in the impact area to produce half-sine pulses, lead pellets for saw tooth pulses and pneumatic cylinders for square pulses.

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**  250lb. capacity machine & 100lb. capacity machine

VST Pneumatic shock machines feature a unique, closed-loop control capability to maintain pulse amplitude, shape and duration over a high number of cycles.  This control method was developed in conjunction with major firearms optics manufacturer who do over 7,000 cycles into every scope manufactured.  

 The design of the programmers affect the time duration of the pulse while the air pressure and drop height are used to accelerate the carriage to determine the magnitude of the shock pulse. The basic structure of the machine is a heavy steel weldment filled with reinforced concrete which will not deteriorate under repeated shocks. The structure contains sufficient mass so that no additional ballast will be required. The structure is supported on four passive air springs with dampers to isolate the shock from the floor. The test item is mounted to a solid carriage with heavy duty steel inserts in the top surface. The carriage is supported and guided by the lifting and driving piston rod. Friction brakes are used as a rebound brake and as a quick release device.

A computer control platform is used to provide a single point for shock machine set up and data analysis. The Mousetrap Amplifier option can be combined with the Pneumatic Shock Machine. VST also offers a Vertical / Horizontal version of the pneumatic shock machine. Each machine is equipped with an air amplifier for pressure requirements greater than available house pressure. All machines are equipped with a PC-based integrated machine control, data acquisition and analysis platform. Remote desk top capability available.

H2 ArrowsAVEX/AVCO Refurbishment & Retrofit

With the original manufacturer of these machines no longer supporting them, VST has stepped up to provide general parts, service and incorporate the innovations of VST Pneumatic Shock Machines into these older style machines.  The overhaul process (VST Gallery of a SM-110 overhaul) consists of a complete disassembly of the machine, removal of all old micro-switch technology and a fresh coat of paint.  This process can be completed on all SM-105, SM-110 & SM-220 size machines. The VST process these machines receive comes back to the end user with a full 1 year warranty.

VST can offer the same closed-loop control functionality that new VST shock machines have with this refurbishment process.

Avex Redo

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H2 ArrowsFree Fall Shock Machines

The VST Free Fall Shock Machine is designed to produce classical shock wave shapes by dropping a table guided on its side by rods and bearings. The table drop height may be set at pre-determined heights for shock pulse repeat-ability. Acceleration levels are generated by drop height while time duration is a function of the programmer provided; elastomer pads for half-sine, lead pellets for saw tooth and pneumatic cylinders for square wave pulses. Accelerated fall machines using bungee cords are also available. Every machine is supplied with brakes to prevent secondary impacts and incorporate a massive steel reaction mass mounted on springs with dampers to isolate the shock from the floor.

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Specs that apply to mechanical shock testing: MIL-STD 810, MIL-STD 883, TIA/EIA-455-14, EIA-364-27, GR-1209-CORE

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