Vibration & Shock Technologies

Shaker Peripherals & Custom Fixturing

VST has full in-house design, welding & machining capabilities to assist with the simplest plate to complex devices with automatic features to enhance production testing with quick insertion and/or removal of production test items.

 Custom Fixturing for Shock & Vibration applications. Including for use in environmental chambers and powered and monitored product.

Efficient WaterJet manufacturing.

Magnesium or Aluminium construction.

Full FEA & Modal capabilities.

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Load Support

Air Springs are used to neutralize the load on the shaker flexures by supporting the addtional weight of the Head Expander and payload. 

Linear Guidance

Often utilized with load support, Linear Guidance provides lateral support and reduces any side loads or overturning moments that would exceed the limits of the shaker armature guidance.

Thermal Barrier

Head Expanders can be supplied with a Thermal Barrier made of G-10 or SG-200 for use in thermal chambers to reduce the amount of thermal transfer.

Corrosion Protection

An untreated Head Expander will last for years and years, however they will oxidize over time. When they're used in thermal chambers condesation can accelerate the process. Powder coating is a good option for applications below 300°F. HAE can be used for higher temperature requirments.

Damping Treatment

Accomplished using AB foam or linear damping material, damping treament can help reduce the Q or amplification factor at the resonant frequency of the Head Expander / shaker system. Damping treatment is not as effective as a properly designed Head Expander, but it can help the controllability at or near resonant frequencies.

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